Commodores and office bearers

The club has 3 elected positions of office (Office-bearers). These are:

Commodore – This role is responsible for steering the club and directing the activities of the committee

Honorary Treasurer – This role is responsible for the financial stability and management of the club; its income and expenditure and reporting the club’s financial status to the committee and members.

Honorary Secretary – This role is responsible for the administration of the club; applications, licences, correspondence and the organisation and minuting of general and committee meetings.

In addition there is the role of Vice-Commodore which supports the Commodore.

The current Commodore is Darren Fergus
The current Treasurer is Elena Donaldson
The current Secretary and membership secretary is Sue Belford
The current Vice-Commodore is Rodri Jones
The current committee comprises the above plus David Heslop (Social secretary), Bryan Donaldson, Fiona Hawthorne, Mick Belford, Bryan Donaldson, Diane Cole.

Trustees: Stuart Turvey, Brian Dobson, Julie Neville.

Commodores of the Whitehouse Boating Club

1981-1982 Bill Frampton
1982-1983 Marcie Black
1983-1986 Wyn Chamberlain
1986-1987 Mick Moseley
1987-1989 Andy Leigh
1989-1990 John Buckingham
1990-1992 Gordon Ward
1992-2002 Wyn Chamberlain
2002-2003 Ivan Stallwood
2003-2007 Derek Mead
2008-2009 Colin Warlow
2009-2010 Paul Fawkes
2010-2011 Brian Dobson
2011-2013 Sally Talylor
2013-2015 Brian Bayliss
2015-2016  vacant
2016-2017 Brian Dobson
2017-2019 Bryan Donaldson
2019-2021 Darren Fergus